Super Efficient Wood Windows

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Pella Wood Windows


While most of today’s windows are made from uPVC or PVCu, more and more homeowners are warming to the benefits of wood windows like those by Pella. In many cases, choosing natural materials over manmade can provide unmatched aesthetics, coziness, and personality along with energy efficiency only nature can bring.
Pella wood windows (and patio doors) are top-quality and high-performance products that combine form, function, and timeless beauty to your home.

Pella Architect Wood Windows Series

You’ll literary get a new view of life with Pella’s Architect Series. Whether your tastes run traditional with its well-thought-out details and fine lines or contemporary with its straightforward, minimalist flow, this inspired line is aimed to please.

Architect Series Traditional

The Architect Series Traditional will add much architectural interest to your home with its intricately crafted wood windows.

When your home design calls for breathtaking beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, the Architect Series Traditional delivers both authenticity and long-lasting strength as well as comfort and security.

• Wood Windows with Exceptional Detail – Imagine if your windows were as dramatic and durable as fine furniture. This series is built tough but maintains its exceptional aesthetic. You can even customize it with an intriguing selection of hardware finishes and styles.
• The Unparalleled Beauty of Wood – Wood exemplifies the beauty of nature that will surely bring out the beauty of your home, including your furniture. Pella Architect Series Traditional windows still benefit for today’s technology with their low maintenance quality.

• Form and Function in a Balanced Hardware Collection – This sophisticated collection of add ons will bring out your new wood window’s unique personality with a dash of your own. Express your creativity with a choice of hardware finishes and styles to match the mood.
• Pella is A Dream Come True – The Architect Series Traditional combines all of Pella’s top craftsmanship in one-of-a-kind shapes that will fit every space and enliven it. Pella provides windows that are masterpieces in their own right.
• Peace-of-Mind Protection – Whether its intruders or intrusive noise, this high-quality line of wood windows has you protected using the latest technology and expert craftsmanship.

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Contemporary Wood Windows

The Architect Series Contemporary captures much of the excitement of thoughtful and straightforward design with details that harmoniously bridge nature and manmade.

When your home can benefit from uncluttered aesthetic, the Architect Series Contemporary brings it’s “A” Game with distinctive minimalist, modern design and expansive glass that’s hard-wearing and long-lasting.

• The Ultimate Modern View – With its sleek lines and expansive glass, the Architect Series Contemporary excels in both form and function by embracing the philosophy of less is more yet preserves its high-drama and easy, natural style
• A Dreamer’s Delight – Pella offers unique sizes to custom fit your dream window with a unique grille design that says modern with tons of light and open space.

• An Extraordinary Finish – This series delivers an understated style of striking contemporary finishes and hardware designed to look good and feel good in equal measure.
• Built to Withstand the Test of Time – While bringing much light and leisure, the Architect Series Contemporary also brings in the lifetime of beauty and enjoyment you usually expect from traditional furniture in a modern wood window.

Pella Wood Windows Designer Series 750

The Designer Series 750 is high-tech functionality made with snap-in window ease. This highly-rated line fits cozily between glass blinds, shades, and grilles. When you want protection from allergens in your window treatments, this is the model to consider first on your list. Its also 53%-74% more energy efficient.

Choose the Designer Series 750 when you want:

• More Customization Options – Design your ideal window that as unique as you are with this series’ wide selection of interior and exterior finishes for that “perfect” look.
• Up-to-Date Technology – Make your windows not only look beautiful but work harder and smarter using the latest innovations that give you control.

• 53%-74% Better Energy Efficiency – Lower your heating and cooling costs with energy-efficient windows that also provide 86% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.
• Peace of Mind You Can Count On – The reliable 750 line provides top-notch protection from health harmful allergens as well as a design that’s pet and child-friendly.
• Low Maintenance – You’re sure to enjoy your 750 wood windows for a very long time thanks to its robust and easy-to-maintain design.


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