EcoBuildPlus Warranty

EcoBuild+ stands by our construction

Once you become an EcoBuild+ customer, we prioritize your satisfaction and continue our commitment to you beyond the completion of your remodeling project. Our 3-year limited labor warranty is designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure that your remodeled space meets and exceeds your expectations.
The details of our labor warranty will be included in the contract provided to you at the beginning of your project. If at any time during or after the project, you require a copy of our warranty, we are more than happy to provide it. While we strive for flawless workmanship, we understand that as your home settles, adjustments may be necessary. Rest assured that we stand by our work and are here for you if any issues arise.
In addition to our 3-year limited labor warranty for conventional construction projects, we offer a 5-year limited labor warranty specifically for passive house projects. Our extended warranty demonstrates our confidence in the quality and durability of our work, ensuring long-term comfort and satisfaction in your energy-efficient home.
At EcoBuild+, your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we remain committed to serving as a trusted partner throughout the lifespan of your remodeled space.
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