Basement Foundation Waterproofing

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A solid and strong foundation is key to any project.

We are a full-service concrete company, meaning we can help with every step of your project, from excavation, pouring, paving, or repair. Whether you’re building a new home, garage, shed, pool, or redoing the basement, you need a solid foundation to build upon.

Here are some of the new foundation services we offer:

  • New foundation installation
  • Slabs
  • Basement walls
  • Slabs
  • Additions

EcoBuild+ also services all types of existing foundations, from homes with basements or crawl spaces, to homes built on slabs.

Our waterproofing technicians are expertly trained to patch cracks, waterproof or ventilate your space, and complete foundation repairs in Chicago as needed, ensuring that your home meets the highest standards and expectations.

We tackle a wide range of repairs and home improvements, including:

  • Cracks and leaks in your foundation walls
  • Egress window well repair
  • Seepage and/or flood repair
  • Additional drainage and downspouts
  • Exterior wall sealant or insulation
  • Sump pump system installation
  • Basement air filtration systems

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Basement Waterproofing

Put an End to Damp, Musty, or Cracked Basements

Homes naturally settle into their environment as they age, which can cause cracks and leaks to appear in your foundation. It is very important that as soon as you’ve found an issue with your foundation, crawl space or basement that you get in touch with an experienced repair company. By fixing issues early, you ensure less damage to your property down the road. 

There are two primary routes to take when it comes to Chicago basement waterproofing your home:

  • Installing an Interior System: By installing interior drains in your foundation, alongside piping and weep holes beneath the perimeter of your floor, we release pressure at the base of your foundation and remedy your water problem without interfering with any outside landscaping. While this is the least expensive method of solving water problems, it is also the highest risk as it does not protect from future cracks and leaking, and adds humidity to the inside of your home. If this is the route you choose, we recommend adding a ventilation system as well, to protect your home from mold.
  • Completing an Exterior Excavation: Using a backhoe to dig down to your home’s foundation, we check and replace any cracked footing tiles, then seal your walls with high-quality, eco-friendly waterproofing materials. This method protects your foundation from future cracks and leaks and enhances your home’s overall drainage system. However, it is also the most labor-intensive waterproofing solution and requires new landscaping around your home.

The EcoBuild+ Solution is Your Best Solution

Before you decide which route to take, call EcoBuild+ for a free consultation and estimate. We’ll determine what your foundation issues are and put together a custom, comprehensive plan before we ever break ground.

The basement is a critical area of your home, whether it is only used for storage or completely finished. The site must be dry and protected from flooding and excess humidity. If your downstairs area experiences flooding during heavy rains or in the springtime when the snow melts, or you have long cracks along your foundation, you know there could be a real issue.

Let EcoBuild+ add value to your home by waterproofing and otherwise improving your basement. Our experts can offer plans to expand your living space, normalize temperatures in your home, and provide cleaner indoor air quality for a more comfortable, healthy environment for your family. 

No matter where you’re having the issue, there are solutions that will collect, divert, and remove the water from your basement. Contact us today, and our experts will be there tomorrow to fix your basement waterproofing Chicago problems.

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