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EcoBuild+ vision has been to dedicate itself to building quality, sustainable, and efficient homes and buildings. We have embraced Eco-Friendly technologies and best practices while fostering them together with our own custom innovative architectural design and engineered construction process. Utilizing these EcoBuild+ processes has made us the exclusive LEED Design Builder and has greatly improved the environmental impact for each of our clients, neighborhoods, and communities.

EcoBuild+ delivers an outstanding experience from the first Consultation to the final inspection at Close-Out of your project. Contact us today for your free Consultation.

Nowadays, “going green” is the only way to go. As a result, “building green” and passive are growing in popularity everywhere. Passive commercial structures are built to significantly cut your carbon footprint and be energy efficient, including taking very little energy to cool or heat your property. It is both a building methodology and comfort standard. For owners everywhere, it means a reduction of your power bills as well.

To be classified as a passive construction, a commercial building must meet the best practices guidelines for keeping outside temperatures outside while maintaining a stable temperature inside. Furthermore, the air quality inside needs to be high-quality as well. These “best practices” were initially developed by the Passive House Institute (PHI) based on years of research. Today, they are used by thousands of architects, contractors, and developers worldwide. All structures designated “a passive” are built according to these standards for energy-efficiency and carbon footprint.

Passive buildings require good ventilation including maintaining interior temperature by keeping an air-tight environment. This might require continuous insulation, triple-paned windows, and an overall efficient air-quality control system. In addition, they also need to remove thermal bridging, a problem that occurs when the temperature is transferred from one object to another through physical contact. 

Passive construction techniques can make your home up to 90% more energy-efficient than the average home today. This makes owning a passive building not only more comfortable but significantly cheaper to maintain. Furthermore, it’s good for the environment overall.

Providing Eco-Friendly Construction & Custom Architectural Design for all Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Project


EcoBuild+ does it all, and we will be with you all the way! We are your Client/Owner Representative, Full Architectural Design Firm, Main/General Construction Contractor, and Dedicated Project Management Staff. From the beginning with your Scheduled Consultation/Site Survey, where we will review and evaluate the space with you and your dream for it. Next, we move to your Completely Customer and Collaborative Architectural Eco-Design, in which we will begin with an Initial Design Review to review samples/options and decide on a single path forward. Then to Final Design to deliver to you Final Production “Ready for Construction” Plans, Complete 3D Rendering, and Personalized Custom Proposal of everything you dreamed of. Then on to your Engineered Eco Construction Installation Build, and finally to enjoying your Completed Closed Out Dream Project!

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