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Pella Wooden Doors

Architect Series 850

A breathtaking, modern design, Pella’s Architect Series 850 brings a one-of-a-kind sophistication to your home with its straightforward design and a few traditional touches full of warmth and beauty. They are definitely built to leave a lasting impression and built to last.

Traditional wooden doors

Add a traditional focal point to your house with craftsman-quality wood patio doors. Customize with a variety of innovative shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, including 7 natural wood interiors with traditional furniture detailing.

Choose the Architect Series Traditional for:
• A breathtaking classic design that reflects high-quality, traditional craftsmanship
• The sturdy, solid build of wood for unsurpassed beauty and longevity
• Can be customized with a variety of colors and finishes
• Security and comfort for your home your family can count on


The Architect Series Traditional features:
• Fine Details – Built with traditional details only found in the highest quality, fine wood furniture.
• Natural Beauty – Wood has a timeless beauty that no other material can match. It’s also the sturdy construction that will deliver many years of satisfaction.
• Form and Function – The Traditional is a careful balance of form and function that means classic style that grabs attention and practical usefulness that fits everyday living.
• Customize with Personality – Add your own personal touches with different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. Make it truly yours.
• Reliable Protection – Superior protection for your home against weather and debris in hurricane-prone areas. Laminated glass also reduces exterior noise and adds an extra level of protection against intruders.

Contemporary wooden doors

Modernize your house with sleek, modern patio doors designed to add lots of style and sophistication. This popular design features clean, minimalist hardware in a variety of contemporary finishes. Further personalize them with a winning selection of prefinished interior colors.

Choose the Architect Series Contemporary for:
• Expansive glass that protects against the elements while looking unique and modern
• A sleek, spectacular design that reflects modern minimalism at its finest
• Patented EnduraClad exterior is built for wear and tear from extreme weather. High-performance construction for years of service.

The Architect Series Contemporary features:
• Modern-Minded Design – Sleek, expansive glass delivers clean sightlines and 180-degree views for breathtaking dramatic views and stylish, modern-minimalist looks
• Custom-Fit to Your Personality – Personalize with your specific size requirements and grille profiles to perfectly complement your unique space

• A Winning Balance of Function and Form – Hardware built for aesthetics and functionality. Get the most with unique touches and the best-of-industry technology
• Timeless Beauty of Real Wood – Add the long-lasting, characteristic quality of wood like you get in fine wood furniture

Designer Series 750 wooden doors

Stylish and sophisticated windows are literally a snap with the Designer Series 750, the top-of-the-line in window fashion technology. Its built so your home can immediately experience 53%-74% more energy efficiency and allergen-free air.


Choose the Designer Series 750 patio doors for:
• Snap-in ease between glass blinds and shades
• Triple-pane glass that delivers a higher level of energy efficiency
• A cleaner and more protected home environment
• Guaranteed to deliver years of satisfaction and protection for you and your family

The Designer Series 750 in patio doors/windows will:
• Customize to Your Heart’s Desire – Choose from a broad selection of interior and exterior colors and finishes to personalize to your taste. “Snap-in” technology for DIY ease installation.
• Top-of-the-Line in Energy Efficiency – Get up to 53%074% in energy efficient use with effective triple-pane glass that also blocks 86% of harmful ultraviolet rays.
• Peace of Mind for Your Home – Guaranteed safe for kids and pets with cord-free blind and shade system. Reduces 10x more allergens while also reducing outside noise.
• Hardware that Makes the Most of Style and Function – Get a modern-minded hardware collection to further fit your style.
• Less Maintenance Worries – Wood treated with patented system to protect against moisture and termite damage. Resists fading for a lifetime of service and satisfaction.

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450 Series

Bring the natural beauty of wood to your home at an affordable price. Pella’s 450 Series features today’s most popular sizes, features, and styles while delivering unparalleled energy efficiency and high-quality craftsmanship.


Choose the Pella 450 Series for:
• High-quality wood patio windows at a very affordable price
• The most popular features and styles to fit your personal aesthetic
• A low-maintenance exterior made from low-lasting and beautiful wood
• Reduces your overall cooling and heating costs

The Pella 450 Series delivers the most for your money with features found in the most popular premium wood lines but a lower cost. The line includes sizes, shapes, and styles. They’re built to provide exceptional service to last a lifetime yet require little maintenance thanks to its aluminum exterior. Its resistant to the elements and termites.
You will lower your overall heating and cooling costs thanks to the 450 Series’ unrivaled energy efficiency, exceeding st


Made with sturdy Duracast fiberglass material, the Impervia is literally the most durable door in the market. Offering much in high-performance energy efficiency and high-quality construction, the Impervia will deliver unparalleled service and satisfaction for years.

The Impervia is perfect for:
• Long-lasting durability
• High-quality look in a painted wood patio door
• Peace of mind that you are getting the most for your budget
• The best in energy efficiency
High-Performance Material – Made with 5 layers of fiberglass that gives it superior strength and durability sure to last a lifetime.

Sophisticated Style – Get the sophisticated style of painted wood with an assortment of popular interior and exterior colors. Durable powder-coated finish keeps your investment protected.

A Lifetime of Solid Satisfaction – An environmentally-friendly manufacturing process that gives the Impervia durability inside and outside.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs -Significantly lower your cooling and heating costs even in climates with severe weather conditions.


350 Series 

The Pella 350 Series vinyl doors will bring a high level of distinction to your home. They’re built for unsurpassed performance with its solid-built frame profile and seamless, welded corners that provide its uncluttered, polished looks. It goes above the standard for patio doors with a lifetime’s worth of satisfaction and service.

The Pella 350 Series provides:
• Long-lasting durability
• Natural beauty in a painted wood patio door
• Peace of mind in a quality investment
• Excellent energy efficient

Exceptional Performance – Proprietary 5-layer Fiberglass structure for solid strength and long-lasting durability.
Unsurpassed Style – A large selection of style options to personalize to your taste all protected by a hard-wearing protective powder-coat finish.
Beyond the Standard – Made to last a lifetime and give your home the most for your investment. High-quality manufacturing process ensures its good looks last for years too.
Lower Your Energy Costs – Significantly lower your cooling and heating costs, including an option for even more energy-improving foam insulation.


The competitively-priced Encompass by Pella will bring the easy-going beauty of high-quality vinyl windows to your home all at an affordable price. It offers a broad assortment of styles and features to suit your style and budget. Everything is energy efficient to lower your costs even more.

Choose Encompass by Pella for:
• Low maintenance vinyl windows
• Top of the line in energy efficient windows
• Made with high-quality craftsmanship[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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