EcoBuild Co. is an environmentally-friendly home builder that offers the following construction services:

Residential Construction Services

Our residential construction services cover building new homes and remodeling existing structures with a professional, “green” touch that focuses on making them more energy-efficient and healthier for its residents. Our experienced staff plans, designs, and builds all home improvement needs. We tackle client projects from the ground up, small to large.

We take pride in delivering top-notch customer service and safety standards. We can turn your building dreams into reality at a reasonable and competitive price.

We have extensive experience in building and home remodeling, providing indispensable guidance to meet our client’s needs. We will work closely with you to find the most creative, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly solution to meet your expectations. We set a high bar for professionalism and expertise only our combined experience can deliver.

Commercial Construction

EcoBuild Co. also focuses on commercial construction, including new buildings, tenant improvements, and facility maintenance. We take “build green” as an approach to our commercial building projects as we do with our residential construction services.

We have experience and expertise in remodeling occupied commercial spaces that observe their needs while meeting our building objectives. Our projects include (but are not limited to):
• Large office improvement
• Tenant renovations
• Occupied building projects
• ADA compliance projects
• Retail interior construction
• Warehouse renovation

Passive House Development

Keeping a comfortable and healthy home doesn’t require a lot of energy. EcoBuild+ can turn your home into one that is compliant with Passive House Institution standards whether you build a new home or update your existing one. We can build or refit your building with top-of-the-line energy-efficient products that use very little energy to cool or heat the building and improve the air quality inside for you and your loved ones.

By making your house a passive house (also known as a Net Zero house), in places with extreme weather conditions (cold or heat) you can enjoy dramatically lower bills as well as reduce your home’s overall carbon footprint.

EcoBuild+ is built on our commitment to our customers and to the earth. Our exceptional team of construction professionals puts both the customer and the environment first while planning, designing, and building well-thought-out structures that are good for everyone.

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