Top 14 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2024

Let’s explore some practical and easy-to-implement small bathroom renovation ideas for maximizing space.

Bathroom remodeling can be challenging, but with the following small bathroom renovation ideas you don’t need a ton of space or cash to make a big impact, you can create a stylish and spacious feel without compromising on comfort. 

Bathrooms are crucial in a home, but people sometimes forget about them.

bathroom renovation ideas
bathroom renovation ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Cost, Planning, And Design Tips

How do you modernize a small bathroom?

  1. Create an Illusion of Space. Trick the eye and make a room feel taller. 
  2. Lighten the Bathroom. Lighten up a small space. 
  3. Use Bright Colors. 
  4. Use Large Patterns. 
  5. Sliding Shower Doors Save Space. 
  6. Curved Shower Curtain Rods. 
  7. Use a Pedestal Sink or Small Vanity. 
  8. Use Open Shelving.

Best Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Best Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas​

1. Clever Storage Solutions

  • Opt for mirrored cabinets, a perfect space-saving solution for small bathroom renovation ideas.
  • Enhance the illusion of space while keeping your essentials organized.

2. Wall Mounted Taps

  • Save space with wall-mounted taps, an excellent choice for small bathroom renovations.
  • Enjoy a narrower sink and a more comfortable walkway in your revamped space.
Wall Mounted Taps
Mirrors For Illusion

3. Mirrors For Illusion

  • Strategically install mirrors to make your small bathroom seem larger.
  • Choose mirrors that align with your style while maximizing the perceived space.

4. Frameless Panel Shower Screen

Consider a frameless panel shower screen for a modern and spacious small bathroom renovation.

Opt for a dual-sided shower drain for efficient water management.

Frameless Panel Shower Screen
Larger Tiles

5. Utilize Larger Tiles

  • Incorporate large tiles to create an illusion of extensive space in your small bathroom renovation.
  • Enjoy a broader and taller appearance with minimal grouting.

6. Light-Colored Decor

  • Choose white or neutral colors, a fundamental element for small bathroom renovation ideas.
  • Infuse color with accessories while maintaining an overall light and airy palette.
Light-Colored Decor
7. Strategic Lighting
7. Strategic Lighting

7. Strategic Lighting

  • Install flush-mounted ceiling lights to enhance the perception of greater space.
  • Illuminate specific areas like the vanity, a key aspect of small bathroom renovations.

8. Embrace Natural Light

  • Increase natural light through windows, a crucial consideration in small bathroom renovations.
  • Opt for shutters to balance privacy with openness.
Embrace Natural Light
Embrace Natural Light
Shower and Bath Combo
Shower and Bath Combo

9. Shower and Bath Combo

  • Maximize space with a shower and bath combination, a luxurious touch for small bathroom renovations.
  • Select compact yet stylish fixtures to optimize the available space.

10.Round Sinks

  • Opt for oval sinks, a softer alternative perfect for small bathroom renovations.
  • Maximize counter space while enhancing the overall aesthetic.
Round Sinks
Round Sinks
Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors

11. Sliding Doors

  • Save space with sliding doors, an essential feature in small bathroom renovations.
  • Ensure efficient use of limited space when the doors are open.

12. Stylish Ledges

  • Incorporate ledges for extra storage without compromising on small bathroom renovation aesthetics.
  • Keep daily essentials within easy reach below the sink or above the toilet.
Stylish Ledges bathroom
Stylish Ledges bathroom
Functional Storage

13. Functional Storage

  • Prioritize function with stackable baskets, an organizational must-have in small bathroom renovations.
  • Maintain a stylish look while optimizing limited space for spare linen and supplies.

14. Bring In Nature

  • Introduce indoor plants for a splash of color and improved air quality, a refreshing touch in small bathroom renovations.
  • Choose plants suited for bathroom conditions to enhance the overall ambiance.
  • Discover how these small bathroom renovation ideas can transform your space into a stylish, functional haven that feels larger and more inviting.
Bring In Nature

In a budget-friendly small bathroom remodel, the old flooring, pipes, tub, and vanity are replaced to enhance functionality for a young family. 

The overall layout remained the same, with the only unchanged elements being the layout and an octagon-shaped window.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel a Small Bathroom?

The typical cost for a small bathroom remodel falls within the range of $1,500 to $15,000. On average, it amounts to $6,500. The specific cost varies based on the complexity of the remodel. 

What adds the most value to a bathroom? The wet area in a bathroom, including the bathtub, shower, and surrounding walls, is often the priciest section of a remodel due to waterproofing requirements.

What Adds The Most Value To A Bathroom?​

What Adds The Most Value To A Bathroom?

Replace the tub with a spa shower.

  • Install a vanity with storage.
  • Replace the toilet.
  • Choose classic tile.
  • Renew the grout.
  • Prioritize effective lighting.
  • Opt for soothing colors.
  • Coordinate metal finishes.

These steps contribute the most value to a bathroom, ensuring an optimal renovation outcome.

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