Best 10 Exterior Remodeling Ideas For Boosting Home Value

Homeowners frequently embark on significant exterior remodeling projects to enhance their homes before listing them for sale. The expectation is that such renovations will invariably boost the selling price.

Exterior remodeling can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first big renovation project, but it’s worth it. An exterior remodel can completely transform the look of your home, better protect you from unwanted damages, and lower your energy bills while raising your home value.

What Is Exterior Remodeling?​

What Is Exterior Remodeling?

Exterior remodeling encompasses updating finishes, casework, doors, trim, furnishings, and other cosmetic elements to refresh a building’s appearance, while maintaining the integrity of walls, partitions, structure, and building systems. 

For the exterior, you can initiate the process with basic tasks like repainting or, in the case of masonry, cleaning and tuckpointing.

How Do I Redesign The Outside Of My House?​
How Do I Redesign The Outside Of My House?​

How Do I Redesign The Outside Of My House?

Maintain your home’s optimal appearance, from siding to accents, with the following exterior remodeling ideas which are designed to help you make the most of your home’s exterior. 

Install Fiber Cement Siding​

Install Fiber Cement Siding

Enhance your home’s current and future appearance by replacing existing siding with durable and low-maintenance fiber cement. This versatile material comes in various styles and colors, resisting peeling, cracking, moisture, and insect damage, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Add Accent Sections​
Add Accent Sections​

Add Accent Sections

Explore diverse siding options beyond horizontal lap siding for an enhanced exterior. Consider shingles, panels, corrugated metal, decorative trim, or board-and-batten siding to highlight various sections of your home, adding a stylish touch to your property.

Fresh Exterior Paint Job​
Fresh Exterior Paint Job​

Fresh Exterior Paint Job

Revitalize your property with a fresh coat of exterior paint, even if it’s not peeling. Choose a lighter or more contemporary color to enhance your home’s style, aligning it with the architectural design. For example, use slightly darkened hues for Victorians, a saturated palette for Arts and Crafts homes, and a natural palette for Tudors. 

Embrace the trend of bold colored accents on the front door, shutters, trim, or woodwork, like red, turquoise, or royal blue, ensuring they complement the overall exterior palette without overwhelming it.

Roofing Replacement​
Roofing Replacement​

Roofing Replacement

Consider roofing replacement Chicago. Opt for newer architectural shingles, which offer increased dimension and UV reflection, keeping your home cooler. 

For contemporary properties, explore standing seam metal roofs in light or cool colors, staying on-trend. Older homes can benefit from durable concrete tile roofs, available in various shapes and styles to make a statement.

Front Porch Addition​
Front Porch Addition​

Front Porch Addition

Boost your home’s value and functionality by adding a front porch, a sought-after addition for many. Front porches enhance the façade’s welcoming appearance and offer additional outdoor living space. 

Customize the porch size to accommodate seating and functional elements like fans, fire pits, or storage, maximizing both style and versatility.

How To Make Windows Look Bigger​
How To Make Windows Look Bigger​

How To Make Windows Look Bigger

Brighten your home’s style by enlarging or changing the size and shape of windows on the front. Add a bay or picture window, or alter the size and shape of existing windows to add dimension to your exterior.

Driveway Entry Ideas​
Driveway Entry Ideas​

Driveway Entry Ideas

In exterior remodeling, enhance your home’s curb appeal by upgrading the driveway. Choose permeable driveway pavers for stability or opt for decorative options like stamped concrete ground pavers or bricks. 

Additionally, consider landscaping with strategically placed shrubs and plants to add color and vitality while concealing imperfections. Be mindful not to obstruct windows or light sources during planting.

Exterior Lighting​
Exterior Lighting​

Exterior Lighting

Ensure your exterior remodeling includes proper lighting for day and night visibility. Integrate sconces, over-the-door lights, and accent lights to illuminate your facade, making it visible and easily navigable for guests in the dark. 

Enhance the definition of your roofline after dark with discreet lights in large soffits or roof overhangs.

Enhance Your Walkway​
Enhance Your Walkway​

Enhance Your Walkway

Enhance the entrance to your home in your exterior remodeling ideas. Widen the walkway, use stamped concrete pavers for a detailed path, and add built-in seating or conversation areas to boost landscaping versatility. Install low-to-the-ground lights to subtly illuminate the path without compromising its style at night.

Privacy Fence Addition​
Privacy Fence Addition​

Privacy Fence Addition

Consider adding a fence to your property in your exterior remodeling ideas. Fences provide safety for kids and pets while enhancing curb appeal by defining your property with style. Opt for decorative wood fences with horizontal slats for a modern look or invest in low-maintenance vinyl fences for long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

What Are The 4 Types Of Remodeling?​

What Are The 4 Types Of Remodeling?

The Basics

In exterior remodeling, ensure your home meets buyer expectations with essential features such as a leak free roof, functioning gutters, a dry basement, a reliable furnace, solid floors, well-maintained walls, and functional plumbing and HVAC systems. 

Curb Appeal

Enhance a property’s appearance for a faster sale with a well maintained lawn, low-cost landscaping, fresh paint (especially on the front door), clean carpets, new exterior fixtures, and appropriate lighting. 

Best Bang For The Buck

Prioritize projects with high resale value, like wood flooring, insulation improvements, basement conversions, closet renovations, roofing, garage doors, and new siding. 

These upgrades often recoup 80% or more of their cost at resale.

Passion Projects

While enjoyable, costly passion projects like swimming pools or tennis courts may not significantly enhance resale value. Prospective buyers may not pay more for these features, considering them high maintenance and potentially hazardous.

What Are The 4 Types Of Remodeling?​

Prioritize exterior remodeling ideas with significant resale value and improve curb appeal for a faster sale. Avoid over-upgrading beyond the neighborhood standard to prevent financial loss. Passion projects may not bring considerable returns in resale value.

Focus on maintenance and smaller improvements, aligning with neighborhood standards. 

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The cost of an exterior home remodel varies based on the project’s size and scope. Small renovations may range from $5,000 to $10,000, while larger projects can exceed $25,000. On average, exterior remodels typically cost between $13,500 and $18,000.

  • Paint Or Stain Your Front Door.
  • Incorporate Container Plants In Entryway.
  • Upgrade Your Exterior Doormat.
  • Hang An Elegant Wreath On Your Door.
  • Change Out Old Hardware And Light Fixtures.
  • Add A New Seating Area To Your Front Porch.
  • Pressure Wash Driveways And Sidewalks.
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