Finishing A Basement Creating a Cozy Entertainment Area

Finishing a basement is a great home project because it not only can increase the value of your home but also gives your family more space for living and storage. And, as with any basement renovation, the most important stage is the planning.

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Finishing A Basement
Finishing A Basement

What Does Finishing A Basement Consist Of?

A finished basement must mirror the upstairs living areas, with completed framing, electrical and HVAC system, plumbing, flooring, and an accessible entryway, ensuring the entire level is fully furnished.

Is It Worth It To Finish A Basement ?​
Is It Worth It To Finish A Basement ?​

Is It Worth It To Finish A Basement ?

Finishing a basement typically yields a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) by providing valuable additional living space. The versatility of a finished basement, whether transformed into a bar, movie theater, or an extra bedroom, makes it a rewarding and beneficial project.

In What Order Should You Finish A Basement
In What Order Should You Finish A Basement

In What Order Should You Finish A Basement?

How You Want to Use Your Basement

Begin by assessing your family’s needs and envisioning the desired use of the space, whether as a laundry room, game room, or potential rental unit. Plan for future plumbing and kitchen installations if considering rental use.

How You Want to Use Your Basement​
Draft a Detailed Basement Finishing Plan​

Draft a Detailed Basement Finishing Plan

Create a basement finishing plan, incorporating furniture placement and precise measurements. Consult with local authorities regarding required permits and adhere to building codes, accounting for electrical and plumbing considerations.

Look for Signs of Moisture in Your Basement

Inspect for excess moisture, addressing foundation cracks and seeking professional help if needed. Install preventive measures like a backwater valve or sump pump to mitigate potential flooding risks.

Look for Signs of Moisture in Your Basement​
Basement Inspection

Do a Basement Inspection

Examine structural elements, considering supporting posts, low ceilings, and proximity to the municipal sewer line. Address challenges posed by these factors, seeking professional guidance if necessary.

Electrical And Plumbing Needs

Hire a certified electrician for electrical work, ensuring compliance with regulations. Obtain permits for plumbing work, if required, especially when planning home theater or lighting installations.

Electrical And Plumbing Needs​
Basement Insulation​

Basement Insulation

Select an appropriate insulation, consult with experts to avoid moisture-related issues. Decide between spray foam insulation or polystyrene sheets, prioritizing solutions that prevent mold in moisture-prone areas.

Frame Walls & Basement Drywall

Proceed to frame walls, ensuring foundation wall sealing. Opt for moisture-resistant drywall, especially in areas susceptible to excess moisture, such as bathrooms and utility rooms.

Frame Walls & Basement Drywall​
Frame Walls & Basement Drywall​
Basement Flooring​
Basement Flooring​

Basement Flooring

Select suitable flooring and address subfloor cracks before installation. Waterproofing concrete is advisable, and materials like vinyl and laminate are popular choices due to their moisture resistance.

Basement Finishing Cost

Finalize Your Budget. Determine the overall cost, considering installations and additions like vents, windows, drywalling, flooring, and lights. Save decorating and furniture expenses for the final stages of the project.

Basement Finishing Cost​
Basement Finishing Cost​
What Is The Most Expensive Part Of Finishing A Basement?​
What Is The Most Expensive Part Of Finishing A Basement?​

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of Finishing A Basement?

The most expensive part of finishing a basement can vary depending on the specific project. Still, some common costly elements include installing plumbing for a bathroom or wet bar and adding electrical outlets and lighting. 

Finishing a basement can be costly and complicated. From getting permits to installing proper plumbing, electrical, and more. The cost of construction can also be pricey.

EcoBuild+ Interior Design Chicago​

Get Professional Help & Call EcoBuild+

 Finishing a basement requires a contractor’s expertise. Our team is always here to help with the trickier parts of a project, with a range of services such as carpeting; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning installation; hot water tank and furnace installation and more.

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