The Absolute 7 Best Interior Design Styles

When you’re decorating a house,  knowing the differences between popular interior design styles can truly make the difference in honing your tastes and curating the perfect room. 

Whether you’re settling into a new place or refreshing your current one, Ecobuild+ got you covered.

 In this overview, we explore ten trending interior design styles for homes.

contemporary style interior design
contemporary style interior design

What Is Chicago Style Interior Design?

The most popular interior design style right now is called contemporary style. 

It’s all about a luxurious and modern look. The furniture has simple and clean lines, but the finishes are special and high quality, giving a relaxed and stylish feel to the space.

Brick walls, exposed pipes, and tall windows are sought-after elements in the Windy City. 

Bring warehouse style to your home by choosing furniture and decor with raw finishes, antique hardware, leather accents, and an industrial touch.

Top 7 Interior Design Styles
Top 7 Interior Design Styles

What Are The Top 7 Interior Design Styles?

  • Contemporary Style 
  • Minimalist
  • Traditional
  • Japandi
  • Bohemian Modern.
  • Scandinavian.
  • Industrial
What Interior Design Is The Most Popular?​
What Interior Design Is The Most Popular?​

What Interior Design Is The Most Popular?

The contemporary style of interior design is presently popular at any given time. The current look is best described as luxury modern. Furniture lines are clean and uncomplicated but finishes are integral, innovative, and luxurious, creating a nonchalant and stylish dialogue.

Minimalist Interior Design

minimalist interior design
minimalist interior design

Minimalists can use colors intentionally, combining textures and incorporating large shapes or typography for harmony in their spaces.

Minimalist style isn’t about being cold or impersonal; it challenges the misconception of having to eliminate cherished items. It encourages questioning consumption habits and, ideally, reducing unnecessary purchases. 

Furthermore, it involves more than just clean surfaces; it’s about excluding expendable objects.

traditional interior design
traditional interior design

Traditional Interior Design

A traditional style house is timeless, typically, light ceilings and neutral walls are painted in cream, white, or sand tones to serve as a base for dark, additionally you will find solid wood furniture made from cherry, walnut, or chestnut.

Striped patterns are welcome, creating an elegant overall picture in classically furnished rooms.

Tapestries and Baroque-framed mirrors add an old-school touch to walls. Heavy brocade or velvet fabrics in muted colors like burgundy or brown are suitable for curtains, sofas, and cushions. 

Japandi Home Decor​
Japandi Home Decor​

Japandi Home Decor

 A Japandi-style home is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design, emphasizing a shared value for nature. It incorporates natural materials like stone, paper, and wood. 

Unlike a pure Scandinavian look, Japandi often uses a darker color palette, including black, dark green, terra-cotta, and eggplant. 

Additionally, it integrates feng shui principles, borrowing from Chinese origins but commonly seen in Japanese home decor.

Scandinavian Style​

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style, embraced globally, features functional, rectilinear, and clean furniture design. Rooted in a love for nature, it utilizes natural materials like local woods, rattan, linen, cotton, and leather. The design palette often includes a simple color scheme with white, gray, and beige tones.

Industrial Style​

Industrial Style

The industrial interior design style, born in the 1960s, an industrial style house thrives today with exposed brick walls, pipes, and steel structures creating a dramatic effect. Patinated wood, weathered leather, and rough concrete contribute to a relaxed, worn-in look with a masculine edge.

Comfort can be added with pelts and colored velvet cushions. Splashes of color can come from plants, glassware, old Persian rugs, or tin signs from flea markets. 

Mixing old with new, like using scrap steel or copper pipes for wardrobes and shelves, adds a unique touch.

Modern Bohemian Interior Design​
Modern Bohemian Interior Design​

Modern Bohemian Interior Design

Modern bohemian interior design is a free-spirited aesthetic blending various cultures and artistic expressions for an eclectic look, emphasizing organic elements and nature. 

Create your boho space by embracing mixed patterns, metals, woods, materials, animal hides, and trinkets from your travels. 

What Are The 7 Concepts Of Interior Design?

7 Concepts Of Interior Design
  • Balance
  • Harmony,
  • Rhythm
  • Proportion and scale
  • Emphasis
  • Contrast
  • Details. 

These concepts can be applied to any room in your home, from the living room to the bathroom.

Should You Hire An Interior Designer Or Do It Yourself?

Hiring an interior designer gives you access to exclusive furnishings, fabrics, and wall coverings not easily available. You also benefit from the designer’s established connections with workrooms and tradespeople.

EcoBuild+ Interior Design Chicago​

EcoBuild+ Interior Design Chicago

When should I hire an interior designer? If you have a nice space but no time to finish the decor, hiring a professional interior decorator is the best solution. 

 Looking for interior design Chicago contractors? Contact EcoBuild+ 

We take care of everything, from organizing to purchasing items, making the process stress-free for you.

Modern luxury home interior design emphasizes straight, clean lines and simple geometric shapes. Choose furniture that is both simple and functional to seamlessly blend with this style.

Elevated Eclectic is a rising trend, that appeals to bold and playful clients with a keen eye. It combines non-traditional color mixing, warm antique woods alongside modern pieces, and straight lines with funky prints and bold textures.

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