Tips For Hiring Home Addition Contractors

Are you dreaming of more space in your home? A home addition could be the perfect solution, providing that extra room for a growing family or creating a space that suits your evolving needs. However, finding the right home addition contractor in Chicago is crucial for a successful project. 

Let’s walk through the process step by step to ensure you make the best choice.

Home Addition Contractors
Home Addition Contractors

Conventional home additions are multi room structures requiring excavation, foundation work, and adherence to building codes.

Begin your search by seeking recommendations from friends, family, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Building inspectors and local lumberyards can also be valuable resources for trusted contractor suggestions.

Phone Interviews Matter​

Phone Interviews Matter

  • Conduct phone interviews with prospective contractors.
  • Ask about their experience with projects similar in size to yours.
  • Inquire about their willingness to provide financial references and a list of previous clients.
  • Gauge how many projects they handle simultaneously and the duration of their relationships with subcontractors.

Face To Face Meetings

Based on phone interviews, narrow down your list to three or four contractors for face-to-face meetings.

Effective communication is key, as the contractor will be spending significant hours in your home.

Verify their credentials with your state’s consumer protection agency and the local Better Business Bureau.

face to face meetings​
Visit Home Addition Contractors Chicago Job Sites

Visit Home Addition Contractors Chicago Job Sites

Research your narrowed list further by contacting previous clients and inspecting finished projects.

Personally visit a current job site to witness the contractor’s work ethic and safety measures.

Choosing Home Addition Contractors

Once satisfied with your research, select contractors to provide estimates.

A conscientious home addition contractor will request blueprints and understand your project’s goals and budget.

Compare bids, breaking down costs for materials, labor, and other expenses.

Choosing Home Addition Contractors​
Conventional Full-Size House Addition

Home Addition Cost & Payment Schedule

Work out a payment schedule ahead of time to gauge the contractor’s financial stability and work ethic.

For substantial projects, consider a payment schedule that includes an initial 10% at contract signing, with subsequent payments tied to project milestones.

Avoid choosing solely based on the lowest bid, as this could indicate potential issues.

Consider the contractor’s technical competence and your comfort level with them as equally important factors.

Lastly, a clear contract ensures a successful renovation and protects both parties.

Enhance Your Walkway​
Types Of Home Additions​
Types Of Home Additions​

Types Of Home Additions

Adding living space without changing the home footprint

  1. Cost effective options include converting existing unfinished space in a basement or attic.
  2. Ensure structural qualifications are met for code approved living spaces.

Adding a single room to the home

Room additions or bump outs are single room structures often adding functionality to an existing room.

Garage Conversion

Transforming a garage into a living space is an affordable option. Costs vary but can range from $15,000 for simple living space to $30,000 or more.

Second Story Addition

  1. Major projects doubling living space without using additional land.
  2. Costs average around $175,000, providing a substantial increase in floor space.
How To Choose Home Addition Contractors​
How To Choose Home Addition Contractors​

How To Choose Home Addition Contractors

Research, clear communication, and a well drafted contract are necessary when hiring the best home addition contractors Chicago.

With these steps, you’ll be on your way to expanding your living space seamlessly and successfully.

Let’s turn your home addition Chicago into reality—contact EcoBuild+  today for a consultation.

Consider your family’s needs and budget, making sure to get precisely what you need.

Consult with our remodeling experts of Chicago at EcoBuild+ for accurate estimates and personalized recommendations tailored to your needs and budget.

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