Kitchen Remodel With Smart Appliances

A smart kitchen is equipped with smart appliances. These appliances come in various shapes and sizes, and have the latest technology. These make your kitchen more efficient and convenient.I t’s like having a kitchen that can think and communicate!  

You can control the smart appliances with your voice or even from your phone, keep track of temperatures and can perform self maintenance. The best part is that they’re customizable. You can set them up just the way you like. 

What Is A Smart Kitchen?​
What Is A Smart Kitchen?​

What Is A Smart Kitchen?

A smart kitchen is an area comprising kitchen equipment connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, offers an array of advantages. The interconnected devices not only sync with your phone or tablet but also enables remote control of appliances. This added control and data accessibility in smart kitchens enhance efficiency, precision, and safety. Furthermore, utilizing a smart kitchen results in increased output, fewer accidents, and lowered overhead costs.


Benefits Of A Smart Kitchen​
Benefits Of A Smart Kitchen​

Benefits Of A Smart Kitchen

  • Safety: Smart kitchen appliances monitor performance and alert you to issues. You can shut them down remotely in case of a malfunction.
  • Efficiency: They optimize energy usage and reduce maintenance and overhead costs. Some even order maintenance parts automatically.
  • Ease of Operation: Smart equipment is easy to use, with pre-set recipes and settings. This reduces training time for staff.
  • Recordkeeping: Smart appliances provide real-time data and help you monitor food preparation and orders, aiding in informed decision-making.
  • Sustainability: They can lower energy and resource usage, helping you be more environmentally friendly.
If  you’re planning a Kitchen Remodel, think about adding these smart kitchen appliances. They’ll not only make your kitchen smarter but also your life easier.
Best Smart Kitchen Appliances ​
Best Smart Kitchen Appliances ​

Best Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances are a high tech gadgets that connect to your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These appliances form the heart of a smart kitchen. They’re like the brainy chefs in your culinary world. What is the new kitchen technology in 2023?
  • Smart Ovens: Smart ovens are essential for a commercial kitchen. Upgrading the oven can make your kitchen more efficient. You can turn them on and off remotely, so they’re ready when you need them.
  • Smart Grill: Wi-Fi enabled grills are fantastic for monitoring. They have meat probes and allow you to check the temperature from your phone. You can even change the grill’s temperature remotely. They’re energy efficient and easy to clean.
  • Wifi Enabled Coffee Makers: These coffee makers keep you updated on coffee readiness. They can save energy by adjusting tank temperatures. They also have a brew counter for maintenance planning.
  • Smart Fridge: Having a smart fridge provides real time feedback, you can see inside of ir from your smartphone in order to plan your shopping list, so you can avoid disasters. They let you know when parts need replacement, so you don’t waste money.
  • Smart Dishwasher: These dishwashers keep you informed about their status. You can monitor their health and efficiency. They also provide usage data to help you plan.
Who Makes The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances
Who Makes The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances?​

Who Makes The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances?

LG ThinQ Appliances: LG’s smart appliances, such as refrigerators and double ovens, are powered by LGThinQ, which includes Alexa integration. This allows for voice controlled assistance in the kitchen, from reading recipes to checking and ordering ingredients.

Bosch Home Appliances With Home Connect: Bosch offers a range of small space appliances controlled through their Home Connect platform. This is perfect for those with limited kitchen space, allowing remote management of appliances, like dishwashers and stoves.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator is a feature-rich option, with a large touchscreen, inventory cameras, recipe apps, and even a view of who’s at your front door. It helps you keep track of groceries, recipes, and even control the fridge remotely.

Meater Smart Thermometer: For precise cooking, the Meater Smart Thermometer is an excellent choice. It guides you through cooking meat to your desired level of doneness via a smartphone app and even integrates with Alexa for updates.

Each of these brands and their smart kitchen appliances has its unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. The best choice depends on your specific requirements and the features you value most in your smart kitchen.

Cost To Remodel Kitchen​
Cost To Remodel Kitchen​

Cost To Remodel Kitchen

The cost of a kitchen remodel in Chicago varies based on project scope, kitchen size, materials, and finishes. A moderate remodel typically falls between $15,000 to $30,000, but extensive or high end upgrades like a smart kitchen may exceed $50,000. Individual preferences and project specifics influence actual costs. For an accurate estimate, consult EcoBuild+  who can assess your kitchen, discuss goals, and create a tailored cost analysis. 

Contact us today for professional kitchen remodeling Chicago.

Kitchen Remodeling In Chicago​
Kitchen Remodeling In Chicago​

Kitchen Remodeling In Chicago

When it comes to home improvements,  kitchen remodel is a wise choice for Chicago homeowners. Not only does it enhance your living space, but it also offers a fantastic ROI.

EcoBuild+ is Chicagoland’s best remodeling company, we’ve been at the forefront of transforming hundreds of kitchens into personalized, eco friendly, cooking and entertainment havens. Our team of experts is ready to design the ideal smart kitchen tailored to your culinary needs, style preferences, and budget. 

It’s full of benefits for safety, efficiency, and sustainability. So, don’t wait; start building your smart kitchen today!

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